To date,OOO ‘’LEYKOALEX’’is a leader in the field  of medical supplies manufacturing and over two decades producing a high medical value, we present a wide range of medical accessories assortment for daily use:wipes,bandages,ink,cotton,makoplasty,gloves,cane,overnight,capacity analysie,plastic containers, ANT,gynecological spatulas,folk Galicki,gunecological supplies and ader.We are constately adding our assortment-food products medical supplies of hight quality,which are in great demand in today’s market. We employ only highly qualified specialists who are  always ready to help you choose the necessary medical supplies and answer any questions you may have.It has been working on the market of medical supplies for more than 20 years.To our knowledge,the high specialization and experience allowed to grab medical supplies  for our production are of high quality today,we are also engaged in botting of various powders,oils and other materials for more detailed information about a product or order ,you can contact us by phone or write to our email. We always welcome new clients and partners from all regions of Armenia and abroad. We will deliver medical supplies and medicines to any place in our country.

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